I got my first Scrollsaw in 1991. I had originally bought it to help with carving. I did carve for awhile,(I've got a box of unfinshed carvings), but eventually I began working more at scrolling, and less at woodcarving. Back in 1995 I started experimenting with inlay. In 1998 I upgraded my scrollsaw to a professional model. I've done a lot of work with my scrollsaws over the years,
and have mostly perfected my technique.
I was approched by Fox Chapel Publishing to write a how to article for the spring 2009 issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts. There was interest in my technique. And then another article for the fall 2009 issue.
I hope to write more articles with new design techniques.
Perhaps I may even finally write a book on it.

I've begun carving again since Dec. '07. This is due, in part, to my getting some new tools, Flexcut this time. Another great tool maker.  I make it a practice to finish now, (These are the pieces in the Carving Gallery).
I may even get around to finishing all of the pieces in the box.

  In 1989 my Mom got a Commodore C64C computer, which I had a great time with. Then one day it went south. I knew basically what was wrong with it, so I thought I might have a go at fixing it... To make a long story short, I didn't end up fixing the computer, but I did end up getting really into electronics.
  I had Books upon Books, I had a breadboard, digital and analog meters, an osciloscope, probes, tools, and components out the yin-yang. From there the next step to me was obvious, Robots. So I figured a good first tool to help build these was a Dremel. Well, the Dremel came with some woodcarving bits. I played around with them carving my name into a little wooden tray that I used to keep my small electronic's hand tools in. I knew right then that I would really enjoy woodcarving. So I bought a small set of gouges, (they were really cheap). I did a bit of carving with them and ended up buying a better set, Swissmade in fact,( a very fine tool).
I've also begun painting and drawing with charcoal since 2012. I find the experience warming.
So, if the computer never died, I may have never taken this journey and this website wouldn't be here