Art is, in whatever medium, the experiencing the possibilities of what may be through anothers eyes, or thoughts and interpretations. It is the sweet fruit of a newer, expanded vision offered from one life to another.
The manifestation of life is the soul getting to know itself.
We are not separate from the environment. It is our body.
The eloquent mind is that which can entertain an idea without feeling the need to embrace it.
How we move our mind is a reflection of how we move our heart.
Absolute logic serves love.
Love serves grace.
Grace serves the infinite where the open mind serves all.
Choices are a factor of change.
Change is constant.
The more open to the future we are, the greater the strength of possibility.
Ideas aren't in the future or past. They exist Now, Here.
Thus the idea came out of Nowhere.
Wonder in the world provides a path to emotion.
Emotions are the wings of the soul.
Emotion is the reason for existence: especially Love.
In the heart of simplicity is where the face of heaven can be found.
In the sharp light, where the grace grows, I aspire to be a friend.
Truth is like a canary's song that's hard to hear over the rumbling of the river of the great words of men.
Truth is the sweet cacophony where the mind is opening.
The obvious things are sometimes the most awesome.
Calm, relaxed energy empowers the soul with vision and ability
Human potential is like the song of angels.
Patience is the best friend of grace.
Grace is the answer. Hope is the gift.
Intuition is instinct transcendent.
Remember to believe in yourself for you are the day.
The rocks are the past, the sky is the future, and you are time.
Discovering and reworking reality is your destiny, eternity at your side.
I find a Fluid form,
Glancing infinity,
Lines that intersect impossibly,
creating Me.......
When your ego dies,
your true grasp becomes wide.
Humility is a step up.
Adversity shapes our strengths. Time grants us wisdom
The state of wonder is devine